10 Best Meeting Room Booking Apps For Enterprises In Singapore

Meeting Room Booking Apps singapore
As organizations strive to optimize resources and streamline operations, the need for reliable meeting room booking apps has never been greater. These apps facilitate the scheduling and reservation of meeting spaces and offer features to enhance productivity and collaboration. In this post, we will explore the 10 best meeting room booking app in Singapore specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of enterprises in 2024. Keep reading to learn more!

Perks of Using a Meeting Room Booking App in Singapore

Using a meeting room booking app in Singapore offers several perks that can significantly benefit enterprises’ daily operations. Firstly, these apps enhance efficiency by streamlining the process of reserving meeting rooms. Employees can check room availability, book a space, and receive confirmation with just a few clicks. The apps eliminate the need for manual coordination and reduce administrative overhead. Moreover, meeting room booking apps boost productivity by saving valuable time. Employees no longer have to search for available rooms or engage in lengthy email chains to schedule meetings. Instead, they can quickly view real-time availability and select a suitable time slot, and then they can focus on their core tasks and deadlines. Furthermore, these apps improve collaboration within the organization. A centralized platform for room reservations enables employees to identify and book rooms that align with their team’s needs. This fosters better communication and coordination among team members to enhance collaboration and project outcomes. Lastly, the best meeting room booking apps optimize space utilization. They provide insights and analytics on room usage for enterprises to identify underutilized spaces and make decisions about their real estate investments.

10 Best Meeting Room Booking Apps For Enterprises in Singapore


Acall is one of the best meeting room booking apps offering efficient management capabilities.
  • Users can easily reserve meeting rooms from their PC or smartphone through the intuitive Acall Portal.
  • Integration with popular calendar apps like Outlook and Google Calendar allows for seamless scheduling.
  • The Acall Meeting iPad app enables smooth check-ins for reserved or available rooms.
  • The app records entry/exit times and supports extensions if no upcoming reservations exist.
  • Acall provides valuable insights into room utilization, entry/exit logs, and reservation history.
  • It automatically cancels no-show reservations, optimizing space usage.
  • Additionally, Acall Meeting acts as a timekeeper to display meeting durations and offer customizable notifications.
  • It even facilitates drink orders and displays agenda checklists.
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Condeco offers a convenient solution for booking various workspaces through a single tool. With a wide range of workspaces available, you can choose where and when you want to work. Whether you prefer using our mobile app for iOS and Android to reserve workspaces or utilize the Outlook calendar add-in to book meeting spaces directly from your Outlook, they have you covered.


WorkInSync offers seamless integration of meeting rooms with your existing calendar and provides exceptional support. You input the names of the meeting attendees, and WorkInSync takes care of the rest. It sends out a notification to all participants simultaneously to provide details such as the booked room and meeting time. The service they provide is truly commendable and worthy of appreciation.


Robin empowers companies to optimize workplace productivity by providing individuals with the tools to utilize and enhance their work environment. The platform operates on computers and phones to ensure accessibility for all users. With the assistance of stickers, checking in becomes a simple process. Moreover, Robin facilitates comprehensive tracking of office attendance and synchronizes with your calendar for streamlined meeting room bookings.


Envoy Rooms makes booking meeting rooms a breeze, freeing up unused space and helping you get the most out of your meeting areas. It gives your team the flexibility to manage meeting logistics in their favorite way—whether through their desktop, mobile device, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or even a tablet (like an iPad or Android) right outside the room. Plus, the mobile app lets employees see available rooms with interactive workplace maps.


OfficeSpace is a cutting-edge workplace management platform that paves the way for the future of work. Its innovative software empowers teams to collaborate and excel in the hybrid workplace. Trusted by over 1,600 leading organizations globally, OfficeSpace enables businesses to optimize their space utilization and foster meaningful connections among employees. With its intuitive features like space planning, desk and room booking, employee wayfinding, visitor management, and workplace intelligence, OfficeSpace equips organizations with the tools to create a dynamic and efficient work environment.
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Trusted by global leaders like Uber, Sanofi, and eBay, Wayleadr’s user-friendly software offers predictive occupancy management, automated allocation, and EV charging capabilities. On top of that, it provides digitized mapping and desk booking features to simplify workplace logistics. With Wayleadr, you can streamline your arrival process and turn your daily work commute into a highlight of the day.


Tactic ensures a seamless transition with various tools that simplify the management of desks and meeting rooms. Tactic has you covered with an interactive office map and automated health check-ins. Furthermore, viewing who is present in the office allows your team to embrace the advantages of hybrid work while still enjoying valuable in-person collaboration. The tactic makes the transition smooth, so you can optimize your workspace and maximize productivity without compromising on the benefits of face-to-face interactions.


Teem is the best meeting room booking app with many features. It is designed to be easy to deploy and maintain, making it hassle-free for your organization. One of the standout features is its insights, with in-depth analyses of room utilization, recapture rate, and even identifying “zombie meetings”. The user experience is a top priority to ensure end users have a simple and intuitive interface with an enjoyable experience.

In Conclusion

The year 2023 has brought forth a range of the best meeting room booking app in Singapore for enterprises. These apps offer advanced features to streamline reservations and optimize space utilization. Consider exploring these apps to enhance your organization’s meeting room management and increase productivity. With its user-friendly interface, seamless integration with calendar apps, and efficient room management features, Acall provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing meeting room utilization. To unlock the full potential of your meeting spaces, contact Acall today and experience the benefits of streamlined meeting room management.
1. Why do enterprises need meeting room booking apps?Meeting room booking apps offer several benefits for enterprises, making them an essential tool for efficient workplace management:
  • Increased efficiency and utilization
  • Improved collaboration and teamwork
  • Avoid double bookings and conflicts
  • Efficient use of office space
  • Streamlined reservation process
  • Integration with other tools
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2. What is the average cost of meeting room booking apps?The average cost of meeting room booking apps can vary depending on the features and capabilities offered by different software providers. This type of software uses two common pricing models:
  • Monthly subscription: Can start from $2/user/month
  • Yearly subscription Both models will charge based on the number of users. So, the cost may start from $1500 – $5000+ per year depending on the number of users in an organization.
3. What are the differences between meeting room booking systems for enterprises and SMEs?Here are some key differences between the two:
  • Scalability
– Enterprises: designed to handle a larger number of meeting rooms and users. – SMEs: typically designed to cater to the needs of smaller organizations with fewer meeting rooms and users.
  • Integration with other systems
– Enterprises: often need to integrate with other enterprise systems such as calendar systems, room management systems, and employee directories. – SMEs: focus more on standalone functionality and may not require complex integrations.
  • Customization and flexibility
– Enterprises: offer more customization options to meet the specific needs of different departments or teams within the organization, which may allow for creating custom booking rules, permissions, and workflows. – SMEs: may have a more standardized approach with limited customization options and offer predefined booking rules and workflows that are suitable for most SMEs without the need for extensive customization.
  • Reporting and analytics
– Entreprises: provide advanced reporting and analytics capabilities and offer detailed insights into room utilization, booking patterns, and resource allocation, allowing organizations to optimize their meeting room usage. – SMEs: have simpler reporting features, focusing on basic usage statistics and booking history.
  • Cost
– Enterprises: come with a higher price tag due to their advanced features, scalability, and integration capabilities. – SMEs: more affordable and may offer pricing plans tailored to the needs and budget of smaller organizations.

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