Compare Magento, Haravan, OpenCart: What’s the Choice for Business in Singapore?

Compare Magento, Haravan, OpenCart: What's the Choice for Business in Singapore?

In the 4.0 technology revolution, it is essential to develop an e-commerce system to keep pace with the needs of consumers. There are millions of online sales websites today, from long-standing giants to emerging startup brands.

To get ready for the new battle, brands started looking for reliable e-commerce platforms. There are many famous suppliers in the world such as Shopify, Magento, WordPress or Woocommerce. In Vietnam, businesses are also familiar with names like Haravan or OpenCart.

Today, SmartOSC will help you compare the characteristics of Magento, Haravan and OpenCart. Let’s start with the basics of these three platforms.

About Magento

Magento Angency is an open-source e-commerce platform. Magento helps customers create and operate an e-commerce website with all necessary functions.

Magento is a name that is no stranger to major brands in the world. This platform has both On-Cloud and On-Premise versions, depending on the needs of each business. Some typical customers can be mentioned such as Nike, Coca Cola or Ford.

Magento is the brand that guarantees the long-term development of online business.

About Magento

As of 2019, websites using Magento accounted for 13% of all e-commerce websites in the world and the trend is increasing. In Vietnam, large enterprises such as Heineken, Tiki or CGV also trust Magento to start a new business direction.

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About Haravan

For Vietnamese businesses, the Haravan platform is quite a famous name. Although only established in 2014, Haravan has helped large enterprises in Vietnam such as Vinamilk, AEON and The Coffee House develop e-commerce systems.

About Haravan

Haravan specializes in providing e-commerce solutions similar to Shopify. Solutions will appear as apps installed on the platform. Haravan allows users to create an account and open a store with a free domain name or purchase their own.

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About OpenCart

About OpenCart

Opencart is also an open source e-commerce platform. With 20 years of experience, Opencart has helped many businesses operate their websites. The platform also integrates with many payment and shipping methods such as PayPal, Sage Pay, Worldplay or FedEx.

Basic differences

Magento, Haravan and OpenCart are all trusted vendors to deploy e-commerce systems of brands. However, each platform has its own characteristics that set them apart from the competition. .

PopularityPopular all over the world, 15% market shareMainly in VietnamQuite popular but only 3% of the world market
Customer groupFor a wide range of customer groups: Large corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMBs) and start-ups Able to serve B2B, B2C and D2C customer groupsServing many different customer groups Mainly B2C modelSuitable for small and medium customer groups Mainly B2C model
main feature– Product management – ​​User management – ​​Category management – ​​Inventory management – ​​Inventory management and control – Provide reliable payment methods – Multiple forms of customer contact– Support multi-language and multi-currency support– Allows to choose from a variety of promotional and marketing tools (coupons, vouchers, etc.) for search engines, built-in SEO – Build smart filters– Create online website – Shopping cart and online ordering – Order tracking – SEO support – Inventory management and control – Product attributes support – Generate discount codes to run promotions – Change website interface– Create online website – Shopping cart and order – Accumulate points for loyal customers – Gift coupons – Clear product categories – SEO support – Allow payment in different currencies
CustomizabilityGreat ability to customize according to customer needsLimited CustomizationLimited Customization
UsabilityEffective features to help businesses grow comprehensivelyFeatures appear as apps, install more apps to get more featuresFeatures are limited, rigid, inflexible
Attached AppsA rich attachment system with many suppliersThere are pre-installed apps in the software, not many providersFew app providers, apps lack flexibility
PriceMagento CE: Free Magento EE: Price depends on customer needsPrices range from free to 2,000,000/monthFree of charge

Which is the right choice for business?

From the basic differences above, it can be seen that Magento is the perfect choice for businesses today. Under the management of Adobe, Magento provides a comprehensive platform for both backend and frontend with high security.

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The system is constantly upgraded and has hundreds of useful features available to bring the best experience for businesses. The warehouse and marketing information connects directly to Magento to help businesses manage easily and quickly. The data infrastructure is completely decided and customized by the enterprise.

Magento stands out from competitors Haravan and OpenCart with flexible customization capabilities. The elements on the interface can be easily designed and arranged by drag and drop in the backend.

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Magento has a system of deployment partners and application providers, such as SmartOSC, one of Magento’s premium partners in the region. Magento’s official implementation partners must all go through exams and moderation in order to be certified to provide solutions. Through partners, Magento ensures that the service is provided professionally and is always available to customers in each regional market. This is the necessary support for businesses to develop e-commerce to the maximum extent.


With the change in shopping trends of customers today, operating an online sales website system will ensure the long-term development of the business.

SmartOSC is confident to bring the best products and services to Magento. Accompanying Magento since its inception, SmartOSC has an experienced team with many certifications.

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