Fill your tank with five most effective POS options for gas stations

As the market for gasoline is growing, many stores are opening and facing strong competition. To differentiate and stand out from the market, your gas station needs the help of a point-of-sale system. Gas station point of sale (POS) systems refer to software that allows gas stations to process customer payments and integrate with gas station inventory. Gas stations have a specific business model and modus operandi, so a POS specifically designed for gas stations can streamline the checkout process for these stores. In this article, we would like to introduce the top 5 POS for a gas station that fuels your forecourt.

Top 5 best POS for a gas station that fuels your forecourt


ConnectPOS is a great POS for a gas station. This is a multi-purpose POS system that can manage your pumping station, integrate with wet storage and notify the remaining limit for timely filing. In addition, this system also works with convenience stores to integrate gas stations with delivery orders. You can fully experience this amazing system with a 14-day trial version. This solution provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to install and use, suitable for all operating systems and most devices such as computers, tablets or mobile phones. With gas station retailers, it is important to manage the orders of the day, manage the inventory and provide the right data analysis to run smoothly.
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This software solution with order management features helps users easily track orders on one system. Order data such as quantity, price or problems arising in the order will be strictly controlled and handled in a timely manner. Besides, with the inventory management feature thanks to the Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) system that it provides, gas stations will always update the quantity in their inventory and thereby make accurate purchasing decisions. With the intelligent support of ConnectPOS, businesses can also monitor market trends to import the right products and offer the correct incentive programs. Reports and analysis will also be provided to users in a timely manner so that business activities are strictly controlled and risks are limited. Another feature that makes ConnectPOS the best POS for gas stations is payment integration. It supports quick payment through many methods such as cash, credit card, payment via e-wallet or payment through other payment gateways.


NCR is a highly regarded POS for a gas station because it brings the right features into an efficient system. This system has two products for gas stations, NCR Sitepoint and NCR RPOS. Sitepoint will help gas stations perform commercial fuel operations such as fuel management, POS pump integration, wet warehouse management, inventory, reporting, and employee management. Meanwhile, RPOS integrates convenience store operations with gas station touchpoints. It allows gas stations to both accept orders at the pump and provide mobile ordering and payment services, etc.
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However, since this POS for a gas station requires custom pricing depending on the hardware and features you need, there is no fixed price. This application is very easy to install and update, it comes with solid performance, easy to use interface with modules like customer CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other supply chain modules that help in processing sales easily. One feature that NCR provides that brings many benefits to both users and customers is faster checkout times. Not only software development, hardware devices of the solution are also invested to serve the seamless self-checkout process of buyers.

Petrosoft SmartPOS

Petrosoft SmartPOS is a tailored solution for gas stations. This POS system will combine a gas station and your store. This solution also provides various integrations for consignment solutions, self-service, food service, order management, and outbound analytics fuel pump management. It also installs processes to manage employee performance. The system is fast, reliable and user-friendly designed to make the trading process efficient. SmartPOS uses the highest quality equipment, comes with hardware and software, all-in-one integration with leading end-to-end solutions creating the perfect retail technology ecosystem for gas stations and even other retail stores. An outstanding feature for gas stations that this software provides is online safety and transparency. This cloud-based back office software is designed to increase operational efficiency and speed data entry, reconciliation, and forecasting to optimize sales.
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Along with that, it also helps prevent theft and reduce shrinking with loss prevention analytics, user knowledge, and evidence to reduce theft and maintain regulatory compliance. SmartPOS software is sold in multiple versions, but you can try it with a trial version or as cheap as $15 for Scan Data.


Getting rid of the traditional way of selling at gas stations with a good POS system will keep your gas station remarkably profitable. Choosing the right POS system with powerful support features will keep the gas station running smoothly and bring great business results. Besides, it will help customers get a quick experience. Contact us to get the best POS for a gas station.

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