Shopify POS for Enterprises: Top Apps Explored

Today’s market is highly competitive and to stay ahead of the competition, businesses must run their business well and always look for the best and smartest directions. Modern, feature-rich POS (point of sale) systems are being launched more and more, providing support to enterprises that are busy with arrangement and management. Not only has the usual business and management features, POS software also supports businesses in business expansion such as creating and operating online stores. One of the platforms that businesses today trust and use is Shopify. In this article, we would like to introduce the top Shopify POS app for enterprises to help them in the research process of choosing the best app for brands and stores.


Exploring the Top Shopify POS Apps for Enterprises
ConnectPOS is the most popular cloud-based Shopify POS app globally. This is a great choice for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), due to its many complex features that support operations and scalability and reasonable service prices. The plugin allows users to accurately track every change in the sales process by synchronizing all data between online and physical retail locations in real-time thanks to powerful centralized data. Furthermore, the Multi-source Inventory solution by ConnectPOS keeps the store up to date with all inventory information regularly and accurately communicates it to the cashier, ensuring a great customer experience with a smooth omnichannel buying experience. The Shopify POS app has direct connectivity. All orders, inventory, product, and customer information will be automatically updated in your Shopify store. Besides, this software is also equipped with more than 30 integrations, including more than 20 popular payment gateways such as PayPal,, or Stripe. Specifically, in terms of payments, the app allows merchants to pay third-party payment processors directly at no additional cost. The integration with third-party payment gateways is always secure, and the store can accept a variety of payment methods such as cash, credit or debit card, e-wallets, and loyalty points. Notable, this platform also helps enterprises personalize an omnichannel solution to suit all their needs, such as connecting seamlessly with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), or taking advantage of in-store rewards and gift cards.
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The solution is highly appreciated in helping enterprises create automatically generated reports based on sales, registrations, and other data through more than 200 templates provided. Its system is also compatible with desktop computers and operating systems such as Android POS and iOS POS. Users can experience this application with a free 14-day trial version.
Exploring the Top Shopify POS Apps for Enterprises

Erply POS

Erply is the most flexible sales support plugin. This Shopify POS app is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It can integrate with most of the business’s favorite, store-ready devices. The software provides both online and offline access, allowing users to focus on what matters. Erply POS provides businesses with powerful real-time management. Stores can easily check and synchronize all available items, prices, and promotions. This helps to process orders and payments seamlessly, resulting in a better user experience. Buyers can pay faster and more securely thanks to the self-checkout solution the platform offers. Moreover, merchants can check the purchase history of customers, thereby creating loyalty programs to retain them longer and expand brand recognition. Thanks to the support from this system, users can complete order fulfillment and send orders from the online store quickly, easily, and accurately. With the Shopify POS app, the management of all areas in between will be greatly supported. Users have real-time permissions on items, estimates, and progress across all stores. When installing this software, users can choose additional features from the vendor’s portfolio. POS integrations will also be provided for businesses to customize and develop their plugins.
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Notably, when using the application, sellers will not have to worry about whether technical problems or consulting needs occur because this system has a customer care department that is available seven days a week, and they also provide 1-on-1 demos and prepare instructional exercises so that users can solve problems quickly without incurring risks. This application is best suited for all types of businesses from tennis courts, beauty salons, coffee shops, or laundry businesses.
Exploring the Top Shopify POS Apps for Enterprises


DeskPOS is a Shopify POS app with many supporting features for enterprises. It uses a standardized tag scanner that makes adding items to the store quick and easy to search by entering keywords or using the identity scanner. This is an opportunity for brands to efficiently discover customers by name or phone number. From information about purchase and transaction history, users can build customer care or loyalty programs to help retain and attract buyers more effectively. With this software, enterprises can connect to simple POS devices such as printers, card scanners, and cash drawers. As a result, payments can be made faster and transactions more secure using a standardized card scanner and easy editing of receipt templates according to the user’s desired theme. In addition, the application also supports real-time and inter-stage synchronization. It syncs items and requests the fastest with Shopify store admins. From there, the needs of customers will be met more quickly. Order fulfillment also becomes easy and accurate. This option is perfect for enterprises looking to expand from scratch because they can install apps for free, securely, and easily. When it comes to eCommerce business, a store can integrate any theme. Notably, the provider will always support troubleshooting, solving problems as well as performing setup and configuration work, which seems to be very difficult for businesses. DeskPOS also helps maximize sales operations and know how each item is doing with the platform’s detailed analysis and reporting. This will help managers make the right business decisions for the business.
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Finding and choosing a Shopify POS app is a difficult job for enterprises if they want to do business and grow in the future. The above applications will be good choices if businesses know how to take advantage and promote their full power as they have the most comprehensive product range and streamlined inventory management solution. If you are looking for a system that supports many features and helps increase sales, feel free to contact us. Source:

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