The Ultimate Guide on How to start an Online Business Within a Week In Singapore

The Ultimate Guide on How to start an Online Business Within a Week

Starting a new business seems enormous and challenging to many people. However, establishing a new online business is much easier in this modern and convenient world. Therefore, our article today will bring you a how to start an eCommerce business guide, which can provide a visualized roadmap to beginners.

Today, let’s find out the details of the Ultimate Guide on How to start an Online Business Within a Week with SmartOSC through the article below!

How To Start An Ecommerce Business Guide – The Simplest Roadmap

Choose Your Product And Market Segment

First, you must decide what products you plan to sell. It is undeniable that eCommerce businesses serve a wide range of product lines and the newcomers need to choose items that can compete with the rest of the market. There are three main product lines on the market today: physical merchandise, digital products, and services. To address the right products, eCommerce beginners should target a small group of audiences and figure out their needs so you can have a clear answer of product and market segment at once.

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Define Your ECommerce Business Models

Next, you need to make decisions on your eCommerce business model. The business model is the first step to forming the whole business structure, calculating the resources, and developing operational strategies. Based on your product niche, target segments, and budget, you need to find the most suitable business structure that can run effectively for a long time. Moreover, you should look at common eCommerce business models today, including manufacturing, retailing, and dropshipping (or print on demand), to select the well-matched for your new businesses.

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Catch Latest Trends

You must refer to current trends to make your products and strategies appealing to target audiences. There are several ways to catch the trends. Trending keywords on search engines indicate what customers are looking for or the current trending phenomenon at your locations. Moreover, trending keywords on big eCommerce platforms are also valuable for realizing the trends. Social media is where you can find hot topics and develop relevant products and marketing strategies that can easily catch customer attention. Customer views can give you reliable data of customer opinions on your products and services, so you can rely on them to improve your selling activities.

Legal Reference

One of the important parts that you need to pay attention to is legal issues. Before starting

eCommerce businesses, there are some licenses and permits that you need to request. You can hire a legal service provider with detailed instructions to make this step easier. It would be better to finish all the legal tasks before officially sold.

Establish Your eCommerce Store

Next, you need to establish your eCommerce store on your selected eCommerce platforms. You may need to choose among open-source eCommerce platforms, hosted source eCommerce platforms, and marketplaces. If you want your website domain, hosted-source and open-source eCommerce platforms will perfectly fit your requirements. Also, if you’re going to customize your stores, even the backend freely, open-source eCommerce platforms can meet your needs.

Make Your eCommerce Store Widespread.

The next thing to do in this how to start an eCommerce business guide is to expand your selling. You may need to consider multi-channel selling to make your eCommerce widespread and attract more customers. For instance, you can establish your store website and also a new store on a marketplace like Amazon concurrently. Then, you may need to manage all selling channels in one place with the support of applications.

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Get New Customers

Customer is a decisive factor in your business operation in the long term. Therefore, you need to plan different marketing campaigns to attract audiences and convert them into buying customers. You can put your approaches into social media marketing, blog content, personalized email marketing, and so on. Then, an automation application can help you deliver those messages to your target recipients without manual sending. If you plan to run an eCommerce business on BigCommerce upsell or Shopify automation, Bigcommerce automation Atom8 will be one of the most robust supporters.


We hope our how to start an eCommerce business guide can give you a detailed preview of running a new eCommerce store. Moreover, if you are looking for an automation tool to strengthen your business operation and engage customers, you can try Atom8 to get your expected results.


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