Top 4 Barcode Scanning Devices for Retailers

For any retail business, it is vital to have an efficient barcode scanner. It helps the checkout process smoother and makes sure that the transaction flow is never interrupted. Barcode scanners are also used to keep track of inventory and store data with only a quick swipe. It could be difficult to find out which brands and models of scanners best suit your business. Don’t you worry! Because today’s article will provide you with the top 4 barcode scanners for 2023. 

What is a barcode scanner?

A barcode scanner is also known as a price scanner or barcode reader. It is an input device used to scan and read information which is contained in a barcode. There are two types of barcode scanners which are handheld and stationary. Handheld barcode scanners are portable scanners that could be operated with just one hand. While stationary barcode scanners are fixed on the counter for hands-free scanning usage.

Benefits of barcode scanners to businesses

Flexible: Even though it is called a ‘barcode scanner’, it does not limit to scanning only barcodes. Many barcode scanners are able to scan QR codes – which are becoming popular to businesses. Compared to barcodes, QR codes are more advanced since they could carry more information. If barcodes tell the number and location of products, then QR codes could contain all of that information and even more, such as the condition of products, manufacture date, etc. Saving time and effort: Using a scanner is much quicker compared to typing, all is done with a click of a button. With that being said, businesses would not have to spend hours to train employees since it only takes a few seconds to use a barcode scanner. The same applied for transaction and inventory management. Eliminating human errors: Data that is manually typed in usually has high chances of error, for example, missing a number or a letter. With barcode scanners, the manual entry would be eliminated and the work would be reliable. All it needs is to simply scan the barcode.
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Best 4 barcode scanners

The list below is not a ranking list :

TaoTronics TT-BS030

This 2-in-1 barcode scanner is suitable for businesses that do not have a lot of computer or internet connection, but many employees. The TT-BS030 could be wired directly into a computer or a cash drawer, or retailers could even use its Bluetooth mode to connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device. If the wifi connection is not stable, this scanner could store up to 200,000 entries with the offline mode. Moreover, it has an impressive battery life of 30-hour, so businesses would not have to worry about swapping for another scanner during a day. Last but not least, the TT-BS030 could scan up to 200 times per second, making it one of the fastest models on the market.

Zebra DS2208

Zebra is one of the most famous brands for barcode scanners that are made for every industry. The DS2208 model comes with a 12-month warranty and a rather lightweight figure. This barcode scanner is capable of reading both one-dimensional barcodes which are the traditional ones and two-dimensional barcodes such as QR codes. The best feature of the DS2208 is its wide reading window, making it faster to read than any other barcode scanner. In addition, the DS2208 also offers omnidirectional scanning so that retailers could easily scan the barcodes from any angle, not wasting time flipping each barcode right-side up.


The Bur3003 retail barcode scanner boasts unparalleled wireless connectivity for both desktop and laptop computers. It can maintain a stable connection to the central computer from an impressive transmission range of up to 328 feet (100 meters) or store up to 100,000 codes for offline mode. This ensures seamless performance in various work environments.
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This exceptional device is designed for enhanced efficiency as it can effortlessly operate alongside multiple scanners. Businesses no longer need to dedicate a separate computer for each scanner since the Bur3003 supports a connection of up to 32 scanners to one single USB receiver. The feature allows for streamlined productivity, especially in large retail environments where numerous employees work together at the same time. One shining example of the Bur3003’s positive impact is seen in businesses who have reported a 45% increase in efficiency since implementing this barcode scanner for retail store. In addition, store satisfaction ratings have risen by an average of 20% due to faster checkouts and improved functionality.

Honeywell Voyager CG

The first thing that makes the Voyager CG stand out is the fact that it comes with a stand, making it versatile for both stationary and handheld use. Businesses could use Voyager CG with multiple types of scanning stations. The Voyager CG comes with a CodeGate feature, which allows retailers to view scan lines before actually transmitting the barcode into the system. Retailers could check the information to make sure that the data is correct before pressing the button. This helps prevent inventory errors caused by faulty barcode scans. The only drawback of this model is that it does not come with a wireless option, so retailers will not be able to use it on the go.

Why should you integrate your POS system with a barcode scanner?

It is crucial for retail businesses to streamline their operations by integrating Point-of-sale (POS) systems with barcode scanners. A POS system manages daily transactions and plays an essential role in a retail store’s smooth functioning. By adding a barcode scanner, businesses can easily keep track of inventory and significantly enhance the billing process’s speed.
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Retail businesses can benefit from a transparent and efficient transaction process that ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction. For example, integrating the barcode scanner for retail store reduces human errors, ensuring accurate inventory tracking and pricing. This method also cuts down waiting times for customers, resulting in shorter queues and a more enjoyable shopping experience. Further, statistics reveal that businesses that have adopted POS systems with barcode scanners experience up to a 60% reduction in billing time. This efficient solution not only speeds up the sales process but also enables your employees to focus on providing better customer service.Have you got a robust POS system that integrates with a retail barcode scanner? If not then we suggest you take a look at ConnectPOS – the leading cloud POS for your stores and contact us for more information.   Source: Cloud POS

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