Top 5 Reasons to Choose Adobe Commerce for a Booking Marketplace at Singapore

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Adobe Commerce for a Booking Marketplace at Singapore

Why Choose Adobe Commerce for Today’s Booking Market. Together with SmartOSC to clarify the details Top 5 Reasons to Choose Adobe Commerce for a Booking Marketplace  through the following article.

What is Booking Marketplace?

Booking marketplace will allow your sellers to add booking-driven products to your Adobe Commerce Store. Your customers will be able to view and book hotels, restaurants, rental products.

Sellers will be getting bookings for their booking products. Customers can reach the booking place on the basis of the shared address and time.

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Why Adobe Commerce for Booking Marketplace?

Adobe Commerce is having a good range of features such as Page Builder, B2B Suite, Live Search, Product Recommendation, and Visual Merchandiser.

By default, Adobe Commerce doesn’t provide booking-related features but it can be achieved easily by using the Booking marketplace add-on of Webkul.

Let us discuss how these top 5 features help you to create a Booking Marketplace –

Page Builder

In the Commerce Edition of Magento, you can create pages with the help of a page builder so it will help you to personalize pages by the drag and drop feature.

You can add all of the booking products to a single page so customers will be having all booking product listings on a single page.

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B2B Suite

Quotation, Quick Order, Requisition List, Shared Catalog, and Company features are there in the B2B Suite. The quotation feature will help your customers to get a quote also for booking products.

The requisition list will allow the customer to create a personalized list of booking products for their future purchases so they can create multiple lists and place multiple orders by using created requisition lists.

Live Search

Customers will be having a better look and feel search using this live search feature. It will display the most targeted outcome for customers with multiple suggestions.

To get good search results for booking products, this feature will play a good role. Customers will also be able to search booking related products within the search suggestions.

Product Recommendations

To boost store sales and revenue, this is the most important feature of Adobe Commerce. So store owners can create multiple events and show other booking products to the customer as per the customer’s interest.

Visual Merchandiser

This feature will allow the store owner to change the product sort order on the basis of Position Value and Drag-Drop. A multiple number of conditions can be added by the store owner for product visibility on category pages.

Store owners can sort booking products as well by drag-drop or position value very easily.

Marketplace for Adobe Commerce

First, you need to have a marketplace feature on your Magento 2 Adobe Commerce Platform and the Marketplace Multi-Vendor feature can be achieved by installing this Marketplace module.

Booking Marketplace for Adobe Commerce

To get the Booking-Related features on your Adobe Marketplace, you just need to go with the Advanced Booking add-on of the marketplace.

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Top 5 features of a Booking Marketplace

  1. Appointment Booking
  2. Event Booking
  3. Rental Booking
  4. Hotel Booking
  5. Restaurant Booking

Schedule an Appointment

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These days appointment booking is required for most of the places such as Doctor and Meeting Appointments. So such appointment-related websites can be built by this feature.

Buy Tickets of an Event

Event kind of booking products helps your customers to get the tickets of Live Shows, Concerts, Events, Meetups.

Rental Booking

If you are in a business of rentals such as Motorbike, Gypsy, and Car Rent then this feature will be very helpful to all your customers to get rental products very easily.

Hotel or Resort Booking

Along with Rental, Event, and Appointment Bookings, enable this Hotel Booking feature to get features like famous Booking websites,,

Book a Restaurant Table

Another beneficial feature for a Restaurant Booking website is Table Reservation because customers can reserve their tables as per their convenient date and time.

To use Booking features in the Mobile App, check our Magento 2 Adobe Commerce Booking Mobile app.

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