What is Magento and why should you use it in Singapore?

What is Magento and why should you use it in Singapore?

Are you planning to start an online store or want to move to other platforms? Magento can be an option for you to consider. So what is Magento and why should you use it? All answers to these questions will have in this article. Follow the article below of SmartOSC DX to know the What is Magento and why should you use it.

What is Magento?

Magento is a platform with built-in PHP, which helps programmers create eCommerce websites. It was released on March 31, 2008, by Varien and developed on Zend Framework.

Up to this time, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses using this open-source to start their online store including big ones like Nike, Samsung, etc.

In 2018, Adobe acquired Magento with a price of $1.68 billion to complete their commerce loop. This acquisition will also help Magento develop in the enterprise market.

What is Magento and why should you use it in Singapore?

According to Litextension’s in-house data, in 2020, Magento was one of the three platforms that merchants migrated to the most, while only a minority of store owners chose other carts.

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What is Magento and why should you use it in Singapore?

Magento has been listed as 1 of 10 leading eCommerce platforms for 2021 worldwide by Techliance.

What is Magento and why should you use it in Singapore?


2. Why use Magento?

For businesses and individuals who want to develop a long-term professional eCommerce site, you should think of Magento as a priority. Magento is the best open-source to build an online store. But the vital thing is it’s very professional and totally free. 

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You just need to understand a little English and technology is absolutely able to build yourself a “monumental” site with this open-source.

There are some basic features of Magento:

  • Product management: with many images, optional comment reviews products, a favorites list, inventory.
  • Category management: easy to find and select products by category
  • Inventory management: management of products left in stock, import, export …
  • Client account: account status, transaction history, preferred catalog, address, shopping cart …
  • Customer service: enhance the features, customer contact form; the comprehensive follow-up, email service.
  • Order Management
  • Payments: Many payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, Authorize.net, Google Checkout, support for external payment modules like CyberSource, ePay, eWAY, and more.
  • Search technology: fast, friendly, support search on Google SiteMap
  • International support: multi-lingual and monetary
  • Promotional and marketing tools: coupons, promotions, and more.
  • Analyze and report: integrate with the Google Analytics service and provide multiple reports.

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Omnichannel is the future of retail, so a lot of merchants select Magento for their website, and then use Magento POS for their brick-and-mortar stores. Thanks to that, they can sell and manage their business from a centralized system.

However, what makes Magento different from other platforms are:

Open source – Highly customization

Magento not only offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions but also gives you the flexibility to customize. Also, it provides you the possibility to extend your platform to create unique and differentiated branded experiences. This platform has the ability to adapt well to change and has the potential to be modified to meet the requirements of shop owners.

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Freedom to choose the hosting services

With Magento, eCommerce retailers are able to freely select the hosted platform of their choice without sticking with one hosting anymore. This provides great freedom for all online shopping businesses to have their own files and be selective with different hosting companies.

Responsive mobile

Magento is good for keeping the standards of mobile web design. Both the free community edition and the enterprise version of Magento incorporate the HTML5 platform to maximize the mobile shopping experience. Consequently, your eCommerce store will always be optimized.

Magento Mobile will establish a fulfilling brand experience for consumers using their smartphones and mobile devices to connect anytime and anywhere.

Easy multi-platform integration

You can easily integrate third-party add-ons and modules to your Magento store.

This provider allows any modification without any restriction. The platform also allows shop owners to add Google Analytics and other such third-party integrations (like eBay, Paypal, Mail Chimp, etc.) to their site to aid in data analysis.

Your job is just to find out the best gadgets and “plug” in your store right away!

Better speed

Referring to page loading time, Magento is again the winner!

Actually, Magento has made a mission to make the fastest eCommerce stores in the world and it’s known for its power to produce a fast loading web page as well.

And you probably already know that slow-loading pages will “sink” very fast. In many cases, the loss from the slow loading page can be seen immediately, which sometimes leads to unintended consequences.

Magento can surprise you with the performance of the platform itself due to the ability to customize as well as the trust it brings. Utilizing a PWA storefront can speed up your website even further and delight your customers.

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SEO friendly

Magento is an SEO-friendly content management system – Magento SEO. It contains lots of SEO features like:

  • Search friendly URLs
  • Sitemaps
  • Layered navigation
  • Product Title
  • Keywords
  • Meta tags
  • Meta descriptions

In regards to SEO, Magento is up to date with the latest SEO ranking factors. It provides great URL structure and meta-implementation options required for SEO. Magento also includes analytics for tracking web visitors. This is one of the most prominent features of Magento.

With more than 11-year experience in Magento with hundreds of large and small projects, we’re confident to assure that Magento is the perfect eCommerce solution for any business of any size.

If you want to learn more about Magento, you can consider this list of top 80 Magento blogs.

Read further: we also give you a full infographic about 10 reasons to choose Magento for business by Codeuridea.

What is Magento and why should you use it in Singapore?

If you choose Magento to be your eCommerce platform, Magestore can help you set up a centralized retail system right on it. With our Magento eCommerce and POS system solution, you can sell and manage all your retail operations from one place. Book a free consultation with our experts and we can build the best-fit solution for your business.

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