6 Reasons Why Magento is the Favorite E-Commerce Platform in Singapore

6 Reasons Why Magento is the Favorite E-Commerce Platform in Singapore

Statistics show that Magento accounts for 1.2% of the entire Internet. This number represents 12% of all e-commerce sites on the Internet, and looking a little deeper, means that almost 250,000 sellers use Magento as their e-commerce platform. It sounds unbiased, but it’s a big deal. This, of course, begs the question, What is it about Magento that makes it so popular in the e-commerce arena? Well, we’ve put together a quick list that covers exactly that, so you don’t need to keep wondering. Stay tuned for the article 6 Reasons Why Magento is the Favorite E-Commerce Platform in Singapore by magento singapore

1. It’s Open Source!

Great software and open-source have started to go hand-in-hand and for good reason too. Magento is an open-source platform built using PHP, and what this essentially means is that all you need is an experienced Magento developer and you can have whatever kind of e-commerce platform you need built. So, instead of adapting your business to a specific platform, you can have your platform adapted to your business requirements! 

 It's Open Source!

The added bonus of being open-source is the community that develops with the project, and Magento’s popularity means it has a very large, and therefore, incredibly resourceful community. From bug-fixes to the latest innovations, everything you need to know to create a powerful e-commerce tool that fits all your needs is merely a search away on the Magento community forum. 

2. Design Capabilities For the Best UX

Design Capabilities For the Best UX

In the increasingly competitive digital world of today, it is important for businesses to stand out in every way they can, and it is even more important for businesses to be as accessible to users as they possibly can. With Magento, not only can you design an amazing user interface, but you can also make your store design is responsive and caters to all kinds of different devices. When user experience with your store is uniform across devices, they know they can reach you anytime, anywhere and you don’t have to worry about lost business due to lack of accessibility. 

3. Integrate it With a CRM

Magento can be integrated with any CRM, be it Salesforce or Zoho CRM. While Magento on its own is powerful, a Magento CRM integration is just what you need for unmatched customer service and easy management of business processes. With a CRM integration, you can generate high-quality data-backed insights and use them to enhance the way users interact with your store significantly, With good user experience comes good business of course and that is why Magento becomes an even more desirable platform to have for your business to break through to customers within this competitive landscape.

4. Great for Marketing!

As if the flexibility and ease of development weren’t enough, another reason why Magento is a very good option for an e-commerce platform is that it also helps merchants with their marketing! Magento is optimized for SEO and allows merchants to rank higher on all popular search engines, including Google. This means more visibility for your e-commerce store and, therefore, more leads for your business. 

5. Did Somebody Say Customization?

Did Somebody Say Customization?

User experience is what it’s all about in today’s world. That’s why we have CRM and that’s also why Magento has gained so much popularity in recent times. Every business has its own unique products that require an equally unique approach to presenting them to users and attracting their attention. A poorly designed store where customers can’t see what they’re looking for doesn’t do the job regardless of how fancy it looks, and that is why with Magento, you can opt for module and dashboard customization you can design the perfect store for good user experience and consequently, higher sales. 

6. Great Speed AND Scalability

Speaking of great user experience, when it comes to page responsiveness and loading speed, Magento takes the cake. We all hate waiting, and Magento makes sure your customers don’t have to. That’s not all either, Magento is also easily scalable. What does that mean for you? Just that you won’t have to rethink your entire e-commerce store once your business grows beyond a specific point because the Magento e-commerce platform is fully capable of growing with your business.

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