How To Change Order Status in BigCommerce In Singapore

How To Change Order Status in BigCommerce

An e-commerce order management process starts when a customer places an order and ends with the package arriving at their destination. It is very important to keep track of the order along the way to avoid loss and damage. You can do this by looking at the order status in the BigCommerce control panel.

Order status is an indication of different stages within the delivery process. It enables retailers to communicate with customers promptly about any change, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and turnover.

Normally the order status changes based on the store user or customer’s behavior. However, there are circumstances when it needs editing manually.

Today, let’s find out the details of How To Change Order Status in BigCommerce with SmartOSC through the article below!

BigCommerce order status

You can quickly adjust order status by looking at the BigCommerce store setting. Go to Order > View and you’ll find the status in between the customer name and total order value.

BigCommerce provides users with a list of statuses. By default, all paid new orders will have a label of “Awaiting fulfillment” for physical products or “Completed” in the case of intangible products. But it might vary depending on the payment gateway and methods preferred by the customer.

Here is the list of BigCommerce order status:

  • Pending: when a customer has proceeded to check out but did not complete a purchase. This is also applicable for pre-ordered and back-ordered items.
  • Awaiting payment:: a customer has completed the checkout process but the payment is yet to be confirmed. This is also applicable for authorize-only transactions that are not yet captured.
  • Awaiting fulfillment: a customer has completed the checkout process. The payment is confirmed.
  • Awaiting shipment: the order has been packed and is awaiting collection from the delivery provider
  • Partially shipped: only a part of the package has been shipped. Others will follow in the future.
  • Completed: the order has been picked up and confirmed by the customer. Or the customer has successfully downloaded the file.
  • Shipped: the order is on the way to being delivered but the receipt is yet to be confirmed by the customers.
  • Canceled: the seller has canceled the orders.
  • Declined: the seller has marked the order as declined.
  • Refunded: the seller has refunded the whole order.
  • Disputed: the customer has initiated some payment activities that are regarded as fraud by the seller.
  • Manually verification required: The order is withheld because some aspects require manual confirmation.
  • Partially refunded: the seller has partially refunded the order.
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Changing order status in BigCommerce setting

Some order status turns on by certain control panel actions whereas others require manual editing.

It is very easy to change order status manually in BigCommerce. You just need to go to Order > View and select the suitable option from the drop-down menu.

However, it becomes frustrating if you have to repeat the process every day with thousands of items. Therefore, many store owners are looking out for an automated solution to perform the task.

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Changing order status with Atom8

Atom8 is an automation platform that converts repetitive tasks into workflows that execute based on predetermined rules. Once integrated into a BigCommerce store, Atom8 will trigger changes in the order status under certain circumstances.

Say a customer wants to pick up a product in your store instead of waiting for the delivery. Create a workflow to set the order status as Awaiting pick up. However, to prevent fraud, ask the customer to pay and capture the payment. The fund is reserved and cannot be used anywhere else, ensuring that the item is not made for anyone.

The workflow should look like the following:

TRIGGER: When an order placed

CONDITION: If the shipping method is equal to pickup in-store AND If the payment method is equal to

Note that this requires meeting both conditions to proceed.

ACTION: Capture payment and Change the order status to Awaiting pickup.

Then you can set up another workflow identifying when to complete the order. Or you can change it manually once the customer comes to pick up the package.

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Final note

Now you know how to automatically adjust the order status in Bigcommerce automation with Atom8. The app has helped hundreds of retailers get away from tedious daily tasks, not only labeling orders but also tagging customers, triggering email marketing campaigns, publishing price lists, etc. Check it out today to see how it could leverage your store!

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