7 eCommerce Practices That Will Boost Your Sale at Singapore

7 eCommerce Practices That Will Boost Your Sale at Singapore

In comparison to brick and mortar stores, online merchants have much fewer instruments to influence people. While in a physical store, it is possible to spread flavors or turn on music to attract customers, eCommerce websites’ owners have to do with people’s eyesight only.

In this article, Together with SmartOSC to clarify the details 7 eCommerce Practices That Will Boost Your Sale through the following article.


Visual Merchandising is a widespread practice of placing and displaying products within a store (or even outside it!). It includes such techniques as dressing mannequins, distributing scent, bundling goods, putting them at eye level, etc.

eCommerce Merchandising is a practice of organizing products on pages to drive people to make a purchase. According to studies, only 3% of online store visits end with a purchase. The number is extremely meager, especially if we take into account how competitive the eCommerce industry is. But here comes merchandising! Having adopted its techniques, you’ll sell your products like hotcakes!


This is one of the most popular eCommerce merchandising tactics, and you’ve probably seen it many times. It can show top sellers, new arrivals, trendy items, etc. Often merchants add several carousels on a homepage to provide people with some value. The technique is also considered to be a psychological trick since such sets impact on customers’ decisions.

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For example, if you display a carousel with trending clothes, you appeal to the desire of being up to date and fashionable. A “Sale” block attracts those who want to save money. Also, you can ask some influencers to choose products and then arrange them in a carousel on your homepage. The knowledge that a famous person has made this decision will convince a lot of users to make a purchase. People often follow idols. But the thing is that this celebrity has to be appropriate for your target audience.

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Another breathtaking eCommerce merchandising technique is adding product thumbnails in internal search hints. Usually, websites offer categories while a user is typing a search query, but a more advanced option is showing the most popular products that meet customers’ needs. Such an approach dramatically increases the possibility that a user will buy a product because it shortens the customer journey remarkably.


Enabling visitors to switch colors while exploring a product makes the user experience much better. It positively influences your brand image, boosts pages per visit statistics, and consequently increases conversions.


This functionality is not only very popular but also extremely convenient! Some online stores provide customers with an opportunity to change the number of products in a row on a category page. This tactic allows users to zoom in on goods and make a decision quickly right from the category page. On the one hand, they don’t need to click on every product to see it. On the other, they can zoom out a page to run eyes over it and continue their journey.

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If you are running a sale, tell your visitors about it loud and clear from the top of your homepage! Sales significantly increase revenue because they drive consumers to buy more.


It’s time to review probably the most fabulous feature in this article. We mean the functionality that enables customers to assemble a unique product. People love expressing themselves. Allow them to do this, and you will see how it boosts your income.

Such an approach allows you to provide higher personalization. Every product becomes unique, and people enjoy interacting with your website because it’s like a game.

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This excellent merchandise tactic enables you to sell your ordinary products unusually. Do you have some unpopular goods in stock? Try to sell them by gathering them together in a seasonal collection. Develop a magnificent picture and show the offering on the homepage to make sure everybody sees it. Usually, such an approach boosts conversions remarkably since it sparks people’s interest and triggers their emotions.


The critical principle of visual merchandising is “less is more.” The same works for eCommerce as well. A study conducted by Shenne Iyengar and Mark Lepper in California revealed that consumers prefer buying from shelves with a narrow range of choice. There were two options: either a table with 24 flavors of jam or a meal with only 6 flavors. Participants could freely choose between them.

As has been revealed, the more extensive selection attracted 60% of consumers, but only 3% bought something from it while 30% of all the participants purchased jam from the smaller range.

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So, don’t overwhelm your homepage while adopting the mentioned online merchandising practices. Keep your website clean and minimalistic, and this will positively affect your conversions.

If you still have any questions feel sure to contact us via the form below. We will be happy to help you.

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