Magento Website Design In Singapore: A Guide To Everything From A-Z

Magento Website Design In Singapore: A Guide To Everything From A-Z

Magento website design is one of the popular trends to build an e-commerce website in recent years. Up to now, more than 250,000 customer partners have trusted and used Magento to design their e-commerce websites. So what is Magento?

So we will learn through a few basic concepts about Magento before learning more about how to do and how to design a professional Magento website in this article!

Magento definition and basics

Before discussing the Magento website design guide, we will learn through the definition as well as the functions that Magento provides when using. In addition, we will discuss more about the benefits and reasons to use Magento.

What is Magento?

Magento is the largest and most difficult open source e-commerce platform of the PHP programming language. Moreover, thanks to the creation from Zend Framework, Magento can operate based on the MVC (Model – View – Controller) model, so viewing, editing, administration and control is very easy.

Versions of Magento

Magento offers two versions:

  • Paid version: Magento Enterprise Edition(EE)
  • Free version: Magento Community Edition (CE)

Both versions provide the most complete and preeminent features for an e-commerce website. The most important thing for customers to do is to choose the right version for their business and customize the version to suit their business purposes.

To learn more about Magento and its versions, you can learn more by clicking on the article below.

Features of Magento

Before using the Magento system to design your website, you should know through 11 outstanding basic features of Magento:

  1. Manage products and product groups.
  2. Statistics and reports on inventory data.
  3. Manage customer purchase information.
  4. Customer care and contact service.
  5. Manage orders.
  6. Integrate and link online payment gateways.
  7. Optimizing your website for search engines (SEO).
  8. Multi-country support (language, currency).
  9. Integrated marketing system (survey form, email marketing, …).
  10. Review, report information (revenue from channels, product page views, …).
  11. Integrate and link with different platforms.

Benefits of designing a website with Magento

Benefits of designing a website with Magento

Magento is the world’s most popular open source platform, there are many big brands that trust Magento as an e-commerce website design solution such as Heineken, Cocacola, Samsung, etc. So what makes Magento so popular?

Incredible Customization

Magento is an open source platform, which means that users can adjust to their needs. Currently, Magento has almost all the features for an online store from small scale to large scale and more and more new ideas are given to help the system to be more complete.

Magento brings together a full range of functions from customer segmentation to Marketing management such as SEO management, sales, orders, customer service. Now, Magento has been updated to Magento 2, which makes Magento extremely worth using with a ton of new features and improved old features.

Easy to use and operate

The design structure is reasonably distributed from interface to function, making it easy for users to use and customize the website to their liking.

Multi-store management

Multi-store management

Magento is not only used for website design, but also used as a database for sales. This is an outstanding feature that helps businesses connect their sales channels together. This helps businesses manage the quantity of their goods in each retail store as well as in the warehouse. Therefore, Magento not only helps managers understand the quantity of goods, but also helps online shoppers to know which products are in stock and which are not.

Guide to designing Magento websites from basic to advanced

We all know Magento is an extremely useful solution in operating e-commerce, so how to design Magento website in the most effective way?

Here are the steps to guide Magento website design from simple to advanced.

However, if you find it too difficult, too many steps and lengthy, you can contact Magenest to help you design your own Magento website or simply migrate your existing data to the Magento platform to use it!

Step 1: Choose the right domain and hosting

This is the basic step for website design, not only Magento but all other types of websites. Your choice of domain name (domain) and where to store your website’s database (hosting) is an inevitable matter!

Choosing a domain name is the name of your brand, for example, Shopee has a domain name of, Tiki has a domain name of, etc. Then your domain name should be the same. Many businesses just want to optimize SEO but put their domain name not related to their brand name like selling chairs, set it as, buy tables, put it on,… This reduces the impression of their brand in the customer’s memory.

Step 1: Choose the right domain and hosting

Regarding choosing a place to store your data or host your website, you can build your own server or contact hosting providers to reduce the cost of machinery and storage space.

Some server providers that you can consider such as AWS, Bluehost, Hostinger, Dreamhost, etc. are all reputable hosting service providers. However, AWS (Amazon Web Service) is a high-end, high-security hosting service provider, so the cost may be more expensive than other low-cost providers. In addition, you should note that you should buy an SSL certificate to set up security for your website!

Step 2: Build sitemap

Sitemap is a system that maps your website, including all the URL links that lead to the main page.

Step 2: Build sitemap

Figuring out which links your website includes will help you know what information your menu bar should display as well as what your secondary pages are.

Therefore, systematizing links or building sitemaps will help you avoid leaving blank websites with errors, affecting SEO on Google and other search engines.

Step 3: Design wireframe for your Magento website

Wireframe website, also known as web page interface, will help you to capture the layout of information to display on your website. This helps you to increase the user experience as well as to know how to divide the layout properly to highlight your product or service.

Draw out your website designs based on standard display ratios to optimize for the following steps.

Step 3: Design wireframe for your Magento website

In addition, if you don’t put too much emphasis on website interface, you can simply choose a website template provider (theme) and choose a template that you want. However, editing will be quite difficult later if you want to add/remove information or change the layout.

Step 4: Install Magento on your chosen hosting

You go to the Magento website, find the tech resources section to download Magento for your computer. Then you unzip and upload Magento to your hosting by FTP protocol to configure the website.

All that remains for you is to configure the website on your website, when completing the requirements that Magento asks, it also means that you have successfully set up your Magento website.

Step 5: Upload the interface you designed or the available website template to Magento

This is the step to customize the interface to suit the business purposes of each brand.

Step 5: Upload the interface you designed or the available website template to Magento

You go to the design section in the backend management to upload the website interface or theme of your choice and then set up the urls according to the sitemap that you did before in step 2 and you’re halfway there. The other half of the way you need to do in designing a Magento website is to use Magento features to turn your website into an e-commerce website.

Step 6: Install information and edit your Magento website settings

Following are the necessary steps to turn your Magento website into an e-commerce website. Let’s see!

Email system

The first thing to do is to set up a valid email address with your website’s domain name. Admins can configure email addresses in the email stores section or follow the instructions of the email hosting provider. This is called the SMTP email configuration step.

Integrate payment and shipping methods

Payment and shipping options are often the final step in completing a customer’s purchase. This is a very important feature, so Magento has built-in these two features to help users easily choose the right methods for their business.

To customize this item, select Store > Configuration > Payment methods. Currently Magento supports payment gateway methods such as PayPal,, cash or bank card payment methods. In addition, if you want to use another payment method, you can integrate it into Magento by purchasing 3rd party payment gateway utilities or setting it up yourself.

Integrate payment and shipping methods


Next is the tax adjustment section, Magento also supports the tax import feature, to customize the tax rate, go to Stores > Taxes > Tax Rules > Add new in the backend management section and make custom product price tax.


Security features on Magento website

Managing security settings is essential for e-commerce stores to avoid revealing information about orders and especially customer information. Magento has also provided this feature in both paid and free versions. To perform security, you choose Store > Configuration > Advanced > Admin > Security and make customizations

Security features on Magento website

Check SEO, update Magento website content website

This is the final step to ensure your website is searched by the most customers. All SEO related issues are ready and very reasonable for you to be integrated by Magento.

Check SEO, update Magento website content website

Simpler Magento website design with SmartOSC

Hope you feel the above steps of Magento website design are not difficult for you. And if you feel that the above steps are too confusing and complicated, you just need to contact SmartOSC and we will help you with not only Magento problems, but all problems with e-commerce websites or migration. change your business number.

SmartOSC is proud to be a partner of Magento – Adobe Commerce provides all-inclusive Magento solutions including from designing Magento websites to integrating affiliate utilities such as payment gateways, linking other platforms, etc.

Contact SmartOSC’s Magento Agency experts right away by clicking the button below!

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