Should I Choose Magento? 7 Reasons To Choose Magento For E-Commerce Websites In Singapore

Should I Choose Magento? 7 Reasons To Choose Magento For E-Commerce Websites In Singapore

The Magento platform is one of the important tools in setting up e-commerce websites. It is considered a very powerful open source platform and offers many practical benefits in terms of website features and performance, especially platforms that need to use shopping cart and inventory management features. , user management, etc. bring, more and more companies and businesses choose this platform for their sales websites. If you are looking to create an e-commerce website but you are still wondering, here are 7 reasons to choose the Magento platform for your website.

Magento Overview

Magento was first developed by Varien in 2007, is open source software written in PHP programming language, helping to quickly create e-commerce websites with all necessary functions. At the same time, this platform is also one of the most popular source code on Zend Framework today.

Magento has 2 main versions:

  • Free version – Magento Open Source. Formerly Magento Community Edition or Magento CE.
  • Paid version – Magento Commerce. Formerly Magento Enterprise Edition or Magento EE. The Commerce version has many better upgraded and improved features.

Currently, Magento has been merged into Adobe (the world’s largest software manufacturing corporation). Being integrated into Adobe will bring many benefits to Magento and can be accompanied by comprehensive software plugins for users to develop e-commerce websites.

What is Magento?
What is Magento?

7 reasons to choose Magento for e-commerce website development

Magento is an open source platform (Open-source)

Magento Open Source is an open source e-commerce platform. Developers can use the original resources and extend its functionality, by adding new plug-ins, provided by other developers, and can edit custom code to develop and edit Changing the system does not need to ask Magento permission. This is also a great advantage to choose Magento when businesses can create (customize) a separate website in accordance with the business model.

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The latest version of Magento is CE 2.3.5. For now, Magento will still be open source after merging with Adobe.

Magento is an open source platform (Open-source)

Strong support community

Magento is open source, so there is a large community of programmers around the world. Thanks to the large developer community, support when something goes wrong will be very quick. Updated, secure and fast e-commerce platform with the help of Magento developer community.

When choosing Magento as an eCommerce website development platform, businesses will receive the help of the developer community network and do not have to worry about Magento’s editing speed, security, and updates.

Magento Partner Community partner
Magento Partner Community partner

Magento’s Flexibility

Magento has an open system structure; A programmer can create eye-catching and unique user experiences based on different access device platforms.

Flexible application of Magento when applied in e-commerce

Magento can also add the ability to customize the “back-end” side of the website to meet specific requirements for the job. When you choose Magento for your eCommerce web application and as the core solution for e-commerce, you have control over the look and feel of your commerce website.

Magento’s Multitasking

Bringing the features of a content management system, Magento allows you to create multiple online stores (multiple websites). Users can manage all stores, items, features, payments, customer information, .. with just a single admin panel. This allows administrators to easily manage the e-commerce system at a certain point.

Choosing Magento will bring a multitasking solution for your e-commerce website, thereby increasing the user experience of your customers and optimizing the eCommerce purchasing process.

High performance

When it comes to page load times, query processing times, and other performance metrics, Magento is the #1 platform in the world.

Magento tops in popular eCommerce platforms
Magento tops in popular eCommerce platforms

Magento is currently the highest performing website in the world. With only a few hundred milliseconds of latency in the processing of user requests, it can also completely kill an e-commerce site’s chances with potential customers. With its modern technology, it has optimized the database to completely satisfy the requirements of enterprise e-commerce & speed for users.

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Easy to integrate

With the open source platform, Magento allows the integration of most partners and third parties to support the operation of the business. Integrating with a large number of third party services including payment gateways, database applications, shipping, shipping tracking is quite quick and easy. Besides, in the Magento platform, there are famous integration partners such as DHL, FedEx, Paypal, WorldPay, etc. In addition, the Magento platform has built-in Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Checkout and Google Analytics. Google Base.

Easy to integrate
Easy to integrate

Magento is SEO-friendly

One thing businesses are very interested in when choosing Magento or an e-commerce website platform, is the back-end SEO management.

Just like WordPress, Magento is an SEO-friendly content management system. Magento comes bundled with lots of SEO features like search engine friendly URLs, sitemaps, layer locators, URL rewrites, tags, descriptions, etc.

Magento is SEO-friendly

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